Have you ever wished that all social networks were a bit like Snapchat? There are things we all say and post that we wish to erase soon enough and never read again. Nobody wants to leave a trail on the internet anymore. With so many concerns about privacy and the Snowden fiasco, this concern has come to the forefront of late. The data you post online continues to reside somewhere on some server till eternity. If this is a concern for you, then you just have to try out the iOS app Kaboom by Hotspot Shield.

What Kaboom does is a bit like magic. You can post messages and data on any platform or social network of your choice through this app. That’s not the end of it. The fun begins with setting a self-destruct timer for these messages. Once the timer expires, your message is automatically deleted. It is like you had never posted a message to begin with. But people did read it. Sounds exciting right?

Kaboom adds a layer of privacy to all your messages on all public and private platforms. A touch of Snapchat with all the other benefits of the platform. No compromises made on either. Messages must be composed on the app and then posted to a platform of your choice. The app will post links as your message. The good thing is that readers are not required to have the app in order to access these messages. Everyone can view them. Once the time you set is up, these messages are gone forever. They are not only deleted from the platform but also from the Kaboom server. This way, you can be rest assured that you do not leave behind a trail online.

Before the release of Kaboom, self-destructing messages could be posted only on certain apps. Those posting and those viewing had to both have the app. also, the app was a protected environment with its own limitations. Kaboom does away with all this. You can now post secure messages on all your favourite social networks, doing away with privacy concerns. Everything from text messages to emails to Facebook to Twitter to WhatsApp has been covered by this app.

The aim of the app is pretty simple- keep the information of users private and secure. This not only includes text but also pictures, videos and the like. Imagine a scenario where you post about a party that is to happen in another two hours. You can avoid a good deal of confusion by setting the timer to two hours. Your friends will not message you two days later after reading the message and missing out on the date. This is just one of the many ways in which this app can save you a great deal of trouble.


Another exciting surprise is that the app is available for Free download from the App Store. Downloading the app and using it are both very easy. You then need to sign in with a phone number and are good to go. With this, you can begin posting self-destructing messages that you do not have to worry about in the future.