The IRIE Islands Defense is a popular app for iPhones that gives users the ability to protect their territory from the enemies’ destruction by engaging in fierce (virtual) battles.

Users of this app have the freedom to assemble a team composed of capable soldiers, make use of powerful weapons such as tanks and guns, and also benefit from the full hint guide that enlightens users on how to overcome the evil invaders. Additionally, they have the liberty to come up with creative strategies that can be used to engage in epic battles, thus increasing the chances of defeating the enemies.

The app was developed by Harold Hemmings, and was last updated on 31st July, 2015. Interested parties can download it from the official Apple Play Store.

Users of this app have the ability to;

  1. Protect their islands from evil invaders by engaging in battles, thus enabling them to retain their liberty and freedom.
  2. Defend their territory by using extremely powerful weapons (guns and tanks).
  3. Assume the role of commander in chief, and therefore assemble a strong team composed of fearless soldiers. Each of the soldiers has unique abilities that can be utilized to overcome difficult situations.
  4. Prepare adequately before engaging in the actual battle with enemies.
  5. Come up with creative strategies that can be used to engage in epic battles, thus increasing the chances of winning.
  6. Play in various levels, which give the feeling of total control and defense.
  7. Enjoy the unique soundtrack that perfectly suits the charged environment. The sound can also be turned off if the user is not in the mood.
  8. Stand guard in front of the tower while watching the advancement of enemies, thus making the territory impenetrable to them (enemies).
  9. Enjoy the beautiful virtual atmosphere and also prevent it from possible destruction.
  10. Organize the troops into strong war machines.
  11. Experience different outcomes which depend on how the enemies are handled.
  12. Enjoy the app’s interactive user-app experience.
  13. Use the �Auto Save’ functionality. This ensures that users don’t lose track of the progress made even when they wish to take a break from playing.
  14. Benefit from the full hint guide that prevents users from being defeated by enemies.
  15. Enjoy the unique tracker that keeps track of all the milestones achieved.


IRIE Islands Defense App is uniquely designed with the following features; amazing presentations & visuals contained in an attractive virtual atmosphere, an enormous campaign that consists of mysterious endings that are awaiting discovery, enhanced screen effects, an intensive fighting experience, special optimization for iPhone devices, new morphing techniques, stunning color saturation in the background, extremely beautiful graphics, razor-sharp features and a wide range of tactical combinations.

Additional information

IRIE Islands Defense App can be supported on the following devices; iPadFourthGen, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPadMini, iPadFourthGen4G, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPodTouchSixthGen, iPad23G, iPad2Wifi, iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadThirdGen, iPhone4S, iPhone6Plus and iPadMini4G.


The app has previously been nominated for the �Best Ever Apps’ Awards.

Since the official date of release, this app has been downloaded thousands of times. It can be downloaded from the official Apple Play Store;