Eforb games has done a wonderful job in designing this game with a great graphical effects and sound effects. This game is designed for Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. This game also works great in iPod Touch. All this game needs is iOS 7.0 in any of the above listed apple devices and this game is especially optimized for iPhone 5. This game ‘Let the cat In’ comes in two different versions one is a free version where you will have an advertisement after each level and the other is a paid version which is ad free and you can buy it for $0.99.

This game is developed based on a small story line of a little cat who went out of his home for a small walk but struggling to get inside his own home. The small kitten is so tired and he couldn’t open his home door to get inside. So we are going to help the little cat open the door by hitting the obstacles with a jumping ball. But make sure you place the required objects in place to open the door using the ball. You have to arrange the objects in a way so that you could collect the stars with cute paws for bonus points and open the door as well. the more stars you collect the more points you will earn.

This game offers an in-app purchase for $0.99, using which you can get 5 hints to solve the puzzle. These hints will be available for purchase after completing 7 levels. This hint option is available in both free and paid versions.  After crossing each level you might get some bonus object which you can use wisely to solve the puzzle and open the door. Don’t allow the cute little kitten weep behind the door, just let him in as quickly as possible. If you miss the direction of even a single object then you may not open the door, so you have to be very cautious in arranging the objects before dropping the ball.


You have option to integrate your Facebook account with this game and please note that this app will not post anything in your Facebook wall without your permission. You will be rewarded with some achievement trophies if you complete few tasks like collecting 15 stars, playing 6 games, replaying games, posting in Facebook wall, completing several rooms, for using hints, for completing locations with 3 stars, etc. You can reset you completed levels any number of times using the reset option and you can play them again and again to achieve the highest score.

Pros: The in app purchases can be restored in both paid version and free version. Very smooth graphics and background music makes you play the game more and more and keep the entertainment level high.

Cons: Users are forced to watch the advertisement videos atleast for five seconds in the free version and after five seconds you get an option to skip the advertisements.