A child’s best friend is his toy and no one can deny that statement. When that best friend is being kidnapped by some nasty aliens then it will be real hard for the child to move on. You can do anything to restore a child’s happiness, even fighting the aliens. This game revolves around one such story where the best friend of little kid Louis has been kidnapped by some vicious aliens and trapped him in a series of cages with magnetic cycles all over the cages. Although he was kidnapped by aliens, Zappy never agrees to give up. He tries hard to escape from the alien world and plans reach home to please the lovely kid Louis. Well if you someone with a huge courage and bravery likeĀ  Zappy won’t you help him? I will do help him no matter what. When a game comes with an extraordinary story like above we always love to play them. It’s our mission to help that poor little zappy find the child at the earliest and restore his happiness.

Zappy free is available in iTunes app store for free and as well as for a minimum cost of $0.99. There is mainly one difference between the paid app and the free app which is nothing but the advertisements. In free app you will find an advertisement after completing each level, Where as in paid app you won’t be distracted by any such advertisements. One way or other the creators are going to earn for giving such a story picked games, it’s upto you to decide which way. The game is designed for both Android and Apple devices. Mainly for Apple devices it requires atleast iOS 6.0 or later versions. This game is compatible with apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also a notable fact that this game is well optimized for iPhone 5.


This game has a very user friendly interface and a unique game controls. You main responsibility is to make zappy jump from one alien magnet to another without falling down. While jumping across the magnets make sure to collect some stars which will give you some points in the game. The magnets will keep zappy move in circles and its you who has to swipe in appropriate direction and time to make zappy move to the right direction. In any case if zappy falls down, your game over. Each level has different kind design and different set of magnets. The game theme may look simple but it really requires an absolute intelligence to make the correct decision to jump across magnets, collect stars and complete each level.

Pros: The game comes in different languages including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese. This game can be integrated with Facebook social media, but they won’t force you to login to Facebook like most games in the market.

Cons: Not much negatives in this game, only thing can be the advertisements in the free version but that’s not much of a big deal these days with any free games.