As a Civil Engineer, I was looking for ways to make my home designing work easier. I know that the Play Store is filled with numerous apps that comes with options enabling us to design a Home in 3D with ease. Many of them ask for a lot of payments to be done and they do not work well with certain features. Different people have different interests and they wish their home to be designed in an innovative manner. All these special requirements to make a unique design and to share them among kith and kin is available in one app.

The special app that I tried out and wanted to share with my co-workers is Live Home 3D – Interior Design. This app is a complete home design software that works on various platforms and enables you to create detailed floor plans and 3D renderings. Choosing the color of the paint, wall and floor tiles, lighting and everything needs to be paid attention when you design a home. The multi-dimensional planning, the detailed interior designing option, 3D interior modelling, the multiple export capabilities and point-and-click building are the some among the many benefits of this app.

Using this app, one can also import furniture from the most famous brand Trimble 3D warehouse. Using the amazing GUI of the app, you can drag and drop the desired furniture in the place of choice at your home. The app provides access to video tutorials, on-line help, quick start guide and quick technical support for free.

You can also export and share the result on social media, iCloud support and a lot more. The app allows you to create stereo 3D video, 360° video and even stereo 3D 360° video. By making an in-app purchase, you can enjoy many benefits of the app in its pro version. With this, you can build anything from a 40 storeyed building to a home of any size.

Developed by Belight Software, the app is available for iOS, macOS and Windows. As it is developed with the latest technologies, you can use the app to the fullest. Live Home 3D – Interior Design requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This productivity app allows you to enjoy the pleasure of augmented reality (AR) and walk into your house in 3D model. Be it a home owner, a professional who designs homes say an architect or a civil engineer, this app is an ultimate cost effective solution with its innumerable benefits.

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