Building a property is not a simple thing to do. As your wealth and influence grow, your list of enemies also grows. You have to always keep an eye on your friends and other people around you. Even a trusted ally could turn against you. When there are oppositions, you will have to be strong and use your strength, intimidation and intelligence to protect your assets, as well as your respect. You have to save your family at any cost. As it is said, “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man”. So come and join the family of “The Godfather Game”. The game has been developed by The, Inc. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 8.0 or any later versions of the OS.

This game is based on the classic 1972 gangster film with the same name. The Godfather is playing the role of a devoted Underboss in the Corleone family. The main objective of this gameplay is to help carry out the Corleones’ dirty deeds and fight for the honour and respect of the most powerful family in the New York City. As you can see, there are not any groundbreaking mechanics here, but this is one of those franchises that definitely helps to elevate a game.


In order to build your legacy, there is a need of resources and other things to increase your wealth. You will have to use all kinds of methods of “persuasion” to expand while protecting yourself. You have to  grow your empire and expand your turf and trade with friends. However, this will result in a list of your enemies and you have to confront them and use your strength to save yourself at the cost of even your own blood.

As this is a multiplayer game, you can attack other players and they can attack you, but you have to defend yourself and successfully complete the tasks and you’ll be generously rewarded.

In this game, you will find a list of Capos and Soldiers to take out any possible threats and to spy on rivals, makes allies and enemies, get your hands on all kinds of equipment. You can upgrade the equipment and also declare war against rival families in the traditional Italian way. Start defending your territories and declare war against rival Families in order to seize properties and accrue vast wealth.

The graphics of the game are great and very amazing. It’s an easy to use app with simple controls and navigation. It’s highly recommended for you if you are a fan of movies, especially which is based on wars and action.

So, become a Legend and secure your place as a “made man” amongst the Corleone Family.

The Godfather game is available for free on the iTunes Store. It’s definitely gonna impress you for sure. Get it now!

Pros: action-packed; empire building game; RPG; based on a 1972 movie; glorious colors; addictive; full of entertainment; free.

Cons: none.


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