Do you have a Twitter account? Do you know the benefits of Twitter? Twitter is the most popular and the top most social media site which has a large user base. Today, every individual is connected with the Twitter account to stay updated with the latest stories. Whether you own a business, agency, small company, etc., you need an audience. And you know that you can reach a wide audience, which could include your potential customers. It can bring your business a major hike and help you a lot. By using hashtags on the Tweets, you can reach an audience interested in a particular topic or in a particular location. However, getting only those tweets which are related to your business is a bit difficult.

It requires a lot of efforts and time to discover the tweets that are relevant to you. Don’t you think that there should be a platform that helps you find the Tweets that are important to you! When there are so many apps for almost everything today! Then why not for this problem? Well, Technology is growing very fast! So keeping this query in mind, there is a web application developed for the Twitter users. It’s none other than MyTweetAlerts.

While using Twitter, you don’t have to waste your precious time by watching what customers are talking about you when you make use of the site. You can make it more convenient by using this web app and you’ll never miss a single thing from your customers on the Twitter.

To use My Tweet Alerts, you need to Login first with your Twitter Account. Then create an alert name and tell the app what you want to look at Twitter. Finally, you can provide an Email Id Address for MyTweetAlert to send a notification to. There are so many benefits of such as: it helps you to monitor your brand and keywords and discover new opportunities. Moreover, it helps you in managing your online reputation and helps you improve your Twitter strategy.

There are so many ways to use this website to discover opportunities for all aspects of your business, and that’s why the app has made it simple to manage all of your alerts in one place. You can set the criteria and keywords to find the Tweets. You can create new alerts or modify the existing alerts in one  easy-to-use Tweet Alert Dashboard. When the app finds tweets that matches your search criteria, it will automatically send you an email alert to always keep you notified whether you choose to receive real-time, daily, or weekly updates.

You can view on the matched Tweets on your schedule, whether real-time, daily or weekly updates. The app saves your tweet alert history, allowing you to view and act on those significant tweets when and where it is convenient to you. It’s as easy as you think!

Overall, I would say that MyTweetAlerts is the ultimate solution to discover the Tweets that are relevant to you and contain only your keywords.

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Pros: find the relevant tweets; amazing search process; saves your time; send Email Alerts; customize alerts; free to use.

 Cons: none.

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