The theme of the game is that MAID & SLIME used to be the weakest of all the monsters in he world. Everything changed when a slime came into possession of a mind controlling spell. The Slimes wanted to take over the humans and their first plan was to take out the heroes out of the equation first. They did that transforming into beautiful ladies. Beautiful maid May had a cafe in the woods which was the cafe for the heroes. She noticed that the heroes had stopped coming to her cafe. A bird informs maid May that her hero was kidnapped. When she got to know this she went of to fight the Slimes with her kitchen knife.

Well the topic may pull many game enthusiasts back from playing it, as they might find it silly but when you start playing the game you wont realize, how many levels you have cleared at once.

Maid & slime game brings back the retro DOS based game’s feeling. Its basically the game we play in shopping malls or game parlors where you smash down the mole back into the whole once you see it pop out. Difference is you have to smash slimes in this one with you fingers on the screen. make sure not to break your screen when you get excited. When you successfully smash all the slimes an interesting animation pops up showing maid May killing the slime and freeing the creature she is fighting. If you miss the slimes maid May will have to take the beating.


My time with the game was good. But guys KaimanGames Co.Ltd has done a great job bringing in the retro feel back. Reminds me of my days with the super mario. The game is light and can run on absolutely any phone running android. First I had a feeling that its so easy, why even they built it? But just when i completed one level I was stunned by the amount of thrill this game can offer. I have experienced goosebumps playing this game. Its really addictive. And the fact that it does not use any sensor it battery friendly. This game will also improve the mind muscle connection and may be help your typing.

If you are someone who love graphic intense games then is one is not for you. But, if you are searching for a perfect pass time which you can play anywhere and anytime I recommend you to download the game and play. Can maid May rescue her hero? Play it till the end if you wanna know. Choose from a bunch of weapons, armors and accessories , make maid May stronger through the levels. Complete all the achievements and compete with your friends. Enjoy the battle against the malicious slimes. Don’t let the the slimes rule!


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