Millions of People around the world are addressed themselves with Diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes. Cyndi Williams, Entrepreneur, and co-founder of Quin said that “The science of diabetes is incomplete, and no one knows exactly how much insulin to take and when. People are left to fill the gaps through trial and error and diabetes technology to try to find a solution that works for them”. People are in anxiety because they have to take too many decisions in their daily life regarding Diabetes. So we require applications like quin.

Insulin is the lifeline of Diabetic people, still many people around the world are following traditional methods to measure their daily insulin need. Traditional methods are insecure and inaccurate but by applying a scientific approach to insulin intake we can reduce our blood glucose level. Quin is specifically designed with the algorithm based on the research upon the people with Type 2 Diabetes. All you need is an iPhone with iOS13.0 or any later versions and you can find the Quin app under the “Medical” category in the App Store.

Quin is developed to eliminate the depression of diabetes people by helping them to make better decisions in their daily routines. Quin helps to manage carb intakes and carb portion sizes and you can record your insulin dosages to notify through an alarm. Also, it shows the strongest and weakest phases of your blood glucose level and updates you in every fluctuation in phase.

A notable feature of Quin is a graphical report of blood glucose level changes every 5 hours depends upon the previous readings and recorded food. By this, we can identify how our food habits affect the glucose level in the blood. This feature helps to make better decisions in daily insulin intake and it increases our confidence to stable our life with diabetes.

Quin records your food habits through the amount of carb intake as carb portion sizes and dosage of insulin it needs. By updating the required details of your daily routine you can easily diagnose the mistakes you did in past and Quin helps you to plan a better future based on your mistakes.

Quin: Diabetes management app helps you in understanding your blood glucose level to plan your day-to-day activities and you can manage your day by notifications which keeps you updated. This app produces all the medical information you need in a single tap. In European countries, around 40% of people use this app and report that this app is very helpful to reduce their blood glucose levels.

Quin gives you personalized recommendations to provide a clear view of your goal. It is also connected with the Health app in iOS to gain more support for the process. All you have to do is install the free app from the app store and fill in your details accurately and upgrade your knowledge in diabetes. After you use this app you will feel relaxed from the depression and anxiety that you suffered in past by diabetes.

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