At only 45 MB, Super Stickman Golf 2 must be one greatest golf applications on the app store. As soon as I ran the game, I was prompted to connect with my GooglePlus account in order to see how other users are progressing through this game. It took about 10 seconds from the moment when I pressed on the icon until the main menu was displayed. On the menu, another cool surprise: the transitions between screens are awesome; something like sliding from one menu to the other. The buttons are simple but handsome. The music at the main menu, however, can be improved. The currency of the game is ‘Golf Bux’ that can be earned by playing different stages and completing achievements. With Golf Bux you can customize your character by purchasing hats and outfits. I was really impressed, especially because at the 4th or 5th hole you can already find Golf Bux on the course, so there’s no need to invest real money in this game. On the golf course there’s a 2D field and some basic obstacles like sand and water pots. The stickman looks a bit rough, especially when shooting. The physics of the ball could’ve been better; it stops way too early.


                Playing golf should be relaxing and fun, but I had to admit that my nerves were stretched as I was progressing through this game. I was surprised to see that if you close the application while in the middle of a course, you have to redo the entire course again. Perhaps we will see some improvements in the upcoming versions of this game, especially that the graphics are great.

                Super Stickman Golf2 offers a great way of spending your time in an entertaining way. It has a large number of levels and customizations, thing that represents a major advantage. It’s also very compact, but since most of the devices have at least 16GB of free memory, I can’t see how this represents a bonus. In the beginning of the review I said that it is one of the greatest golf applications, and it’s true, because there are not many golf applications that involve so many features and customizations.

The color combination look great, the number of customizations is large enough, but the physics could’ve been better.