What’s so special about the apps that they have such a high impact on the whole world? I’m talking about the gaming apps that everyone wants to download from the App Store. Maybe it’s the breathtaking real world suspense or those action-packed features which will make you so much powerful for the time being. But for me, the only thing that matters in a game is the graphics and its interface. Everyone who is playing a game would like to see that fantasy world that they never have seen before. And if it is accompanied with high quality gaming, brilliant graphics, what else to look for! Maybe that’s the reason why the app for today is gaining a lot of popularity in the market!

Marble Jetpack is an Android app that has been developed by BB Electronics, LLC. It has been compatible with Android 6.0 or any later versions of the OS. Marble Jetpack is an amazing arcade adventure game where you need to choose your marble skin and navigate around the obstacles. There are different levels of the gameplay and your main mission is to defeat your enemies and complete the level as fast as you can. You can collect as many stars as you want, attack your enemies and defeat them, pass the obstacles, shoot down the stars in each and every level of the Marble Jetpack.

The app is loaded with features and surprises as you progress through each level. It has arcade gaming levels where you need to hurry before your time runs out. It gives you power-ups and different checkpoints where you can add some time to your journey. These checkpoints can be reused as well. The game needs attention and your skills to achieve the target. The levels get more difficult as you proceed further. As you enter the second level, you need to fly above the ground level, aim and shoot your enemies. They will try to fire at you, dodge their strike and move on but you need to attack them and defend yourself.

The game comes with easy to use controls, a joystick which can be used for moving up down, left or right. You can also pause the game if you are doing some work in between and then restart again. You can see the total number of lives left, the enemies and everything else at the top of the screen. In the inventory section, you can choose different skins for your marble and see the items which are available in it.

So what makes this app really addictive is its rich 3D graphics and gameplay. You will just love to see that fantasy world and it was an amazing experience passing through those obstacles and enemies in the space. It was clear that a lot of effort has been put by the developers in the designing of this app. There are unique backgrounds, sound effects for each and every level and I must say that it’s an ultimate, fun and exciting adventure game.

Overall, I really love the game and there is no point of discussion at all the game is rated 4 plus on the Google Play Store it proves the point how worthy it is to buy. The app is available for free on the App Store and comes with in-app purchases also that helps you to purchase so many items that are used in the gameplay.

Pros: rich 3D graphics; unique levels of gameplay; super-addictive; perfect for children; easy to play; challenging; free as well as in-app purchases.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App