Some classic games styles never change, nor should they. You will know exactly what that refers to when you download the free game of Mouse Maze to your iPad or iPhone. This cool game is similar to the old Pac-man style of gaming in which you are a character, in this case a mouse, that eats the cheese along the way and must avoid the cats. It’s an enjoyable game that is worthy of your time to download it, as it is fun for all ages.

This addictive game might be the thing that keeps your kids quite while waiting for a doctor’s appointment as it will get them hooked on trying to beat each level so they can see the next set of animation. Each level is filled with mind blowing artwork that the creators really enjoyed putting together. It is a fun game not just for kids of all ages but adults too as it can take some pretty quick reflexes to outsmart those cats. Keep in mind that each level that progresses adds more cages of cats to the mix, adding to the challenge of course of trying to avoid them. Mouse Maze is a game that will keep you hooked.