Being an on-the-go type of person, I like to ‘have my office’ with me while I am on the move and I was very excited to try out the latest Office Documents Viewer application from Jörg Jahnke.

I was able to download the free version (1.18.12) from the Play store and ran it on my Samsung S4 phone with Android Kit Kat, with great ease. It is a low resource app, and it downloaded in a few seconds and was ready to go. On starting the app, I was greeted with the traditional several introduction screens, and I really like the soft, turquoise background, which is both easy on the eyes and works whether I am in a room, or out in very bright sunlight.

The concept behind the office Documents Viewer app is to help you to read and also, see all the different files you have on your phone or tablet. Given that we all tend to store more on our portable devices and use them more and more like fully fledged computers, being able to see all our files in an organized way is essential.

In my case, the first files to show up were all the ones on my extra storage SD card. Visually, you can naturally configure the app to display the files you want, by selecting from three main menus, labeled ‘All Files’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Favourites’.

This is a great way to sort out what you want to see and what you are happy to ‘ignore’.

The interface was very easy to work with and was very intuitive. I was presented with the option to upgrade to the paid version, the main difference being that ads would not be shown in the paid version. I had no problem with a small ad at the bottom of my screen, but if this bothers you, you certainly can upgrade. One other reason to consider this is if you are using the app in roaming mode, when you are not in your home country. If mobile data is switched on, then the ads would consume more data. However, this is not an issue likely to affect most people.


I found the ability of the app to also display the ‘type’ of file was very helpful. All my Word files had a yellow ‘DOC’ symbol in the top left and my XL files had a white ‘CSV’ symbol. This just makes files sorting even easier again.

Like most apps, it may take a few minutes to get used to, but overall, was function rich while being easy to learn to use. Highly recommended for the organized person on the go.