Judging by the look of the application I expected to get something really good out of PAC-MAN DASH! I was surprised to see that the app has more than 150 MB. However, it downloaded pretty quick. When I first ran the application, the loading time was somewhere around 5-7 seconds. All those initial screens which present the producers can be skipped by simply tapping once. The transition between screens looks good, without any lags. The music at the main menu it’s not the most suitable, but fortunately it doesn’t remains active while you are playing the missions. It’s a dash game, so you have to collect as many items as you can while the characters runs at high speeds. Every time you launch a mission, one ‘stamina’ will be consumed. At the beginning of the game you have 10 ‘stamina’, but they are regenerating at the rate of 1 at 15 minutes.There are 4 profiles on which you can save the games, making it ideal for playing with friends or family. Tested on a 1.5 GHz dual-core & 1 GB of RAM tablet I had absolutely no complains in terms of lags. It truly runs great


When I first say ‘Pac-Man’ my first thought was that the game will be somehow similar with the old-fashioned Pac-Man; but I was wrong. There are no similitudes between the 2 games; perhaps just the yellow color of the main character. The variety of power-ups and stages is a major bonus for this game. It looks 2D, but in most cases you’ll see 3D effects.

It’s a great game not just for kids, but for adults as well. It’s challenging, especially because everything happens so fast – you don’t have much of a time to react. The character runs by itself and all you have to do is control the jump feature and the moment when you want to activate the power-ups. Simple but effective. Overall, it’s really a really challenging game that will keep you amused for hours.