PersonalityMatch is an interactive application with colourful UI which makes the whole process of finding if someone matches your traits both fun and interesting. The app can be utilised fully on the native Safari browser of both the Iphone and Ipad. If you would like to open a new account you can do just that exactly from the application where you key in the required credentials and you are good to go! The app enables a user to open up to the main dashboard where you can navigate yourself to the different feeds.
Its functionality

It has a set of personality test which took me a few minutes to fill up and then a complete match up popped up. I could see an elaborate description of my own character type and what it deeply meant. Here you can contrast your own characteristics or traits to the other person you initially input for compatibility. The compatibility score is scaled from 0% to 100% implying if the tally is higher then the more compatible you are against the other person. I also loved the fact that you could invite family and friends to undertake the experimental test and also generate their values.The UI is very responsive and also solid stable to the usability of the user which enables the navigation to be easy.
Its Attributes

There is a career path analysis feature for people who would like to find some career advise but unluckily it is locked for a fee of $2.99. Personally I am a student and I would love to dwell on any information it could add that is not out there for my career path. On the compatibility page it has generated values under: Energy, Lifestyle and Decision where scores of my characteristics are put against my partner for the compatibility test.

The app can be a thrilling opportunity to find out more about a person personality and its relation to other people. A proper insight to the relationships we have can be generated and answer the question: Why certain relationships turn out the way they do?
I downloaded PersonalityMatch on iOS 8 so it can function well on later versions too. Its free to download from any part of the globe on devices compatible with iOS platform. I also noticed few in-app purchases but that really is ignorable if you are not interested.Hence the usability needed at the instance will increase or decrease the value for any add-on feature one might require.

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The pros

It enables one to ascertain the way they think and also act.2. User friendly UI, easy to use and responsive app which facilitates faster navigation.3. Career path feature enables one to chart a professional discourse in the case of change of career.

The pop up ads are irritating sometimes2. In -app purchases to unlock certain features.
ConclusionPersonalityMatch for iOS is an interactive app that strives to bring people together using special characteristics to compare them and see how compatible they are to their friends relatives or even workmates. I would recommend it for persons who would like to find out hidden traits about themselves and how it affects the relationship around them; Or just have fun experimenting out with the app features.


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