In the today’s newfangled world , it is hard to find time for your health and fitness . This results to a number of problems such as obesity, blood pressure,anxiety and cardiac arrests . If you are looking for a dietitian and trainer then Suggestic app can be the solution .Suggestic app is a platform that is equipped with artificial intelligence which impacts the decision making capability of the user. It helps to manage your weight related problems by making proper and healthier food choices. The application contains a number of suggestion for cheap and easily available food items in the nearby restaurants .In addition to this it provides a way to millions of recipes which also contains access to a new dish you can cook at home . It also allows you to find a new restaurant in the town to make good choices. After using this application I found that there is more emphasis on that what we can eat instead of what we can not eat . Suggestic works on building a proper plan for you in order to maintain your diet schedule. It includes the latest nutrition science in order to make you fit and healthy.


Working pattern of suggestic

1.) Personalizing the needs of users
Suggestic works on personalizing the individual needs by making them to define their goals . After this you are allowed to make your basic diet chart by adding preferences and restrictions to the healthier diet.

2.) Follow your personalized diet plan
On the basis of the personalized diet plan you will get recommendations for the nearby restaurants and their menu items. It also provides access to the newest recipes which match your settled goal .

3.) To achieve the goals
In Suggestic you need not to concentrate on what should we eat . Suggestic is always there to think about you by suggesting and recommending proper food choices to you.

Why should you choose Suggestic
1.) Scalable
Suggestic is a fully automated system that can scale your efficiency without depending upon the expensive and less available coaches. It is always available for you in order to make you fitter and healthier in a long term .without any weekend offs

2.)Constant Improvement
In Suggestic there is always the high chances of continuous improvement by adhering to the proper schedule and improvement of the the Suggestic recommendations. Suggestic provides you proper support in the real-time by easy and enjoyable suggestions.

3.) Security features
In Suggestic we respect your privacy .Suggestic offers a highly automated and secured system in order to protect your information and body statistics . So you are fully secure with Suggestic .

If you a fitness freak or want to loose weight , Suggestic is the proper platform you are looking at . Here you will get consultants and recommendations in a user friendly way anytime with a highly automated and protected database.
On the contrary if you are taking any medical help you can use Suggestic without any hindrance to your medical support.Suggestic is build to provide additional information to make your life healthier and happier.

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