What is great about the Pipe Micro Messaging Android App is very clear. It is a means to attain an end. What is this end? It is without a doubt the smartest of all ways to get a message across whenever a call is missed. What is this smart alternative? It is to use the Pipe Micro Messaging App to send a very simple message that only contains a dot link and a message. This makes the communication something special, brief, and straight to the point. Dot me messages are addictive and what makes them great is that they are short and sweet. Some perfect examples of them do include “Dot me on the pipe as soon as you do get home” or “Send me a dot if you will be late or running late.” These are just a sample of the many dots possible with the help of Pipe Micro Messaging. This is because this fine Android app makes micro messaging unique and fun.

Pipe also lets you stay on top of the things that are the most important to you in your life. This means being open to receiving special dots as much as possible. Pipe is the perfect way to pipe over a thought or a feeling from the heart. It is the way of saying a whole lot without really having to say much. Communicating by dot link, helps one to connect the dots, so to speak with someone else who needs a nice message already. Dots are great to say something, send a link about something, or just because you have something on your mind. It is the ideal Android app for all those who want to be open to communication when the moment hits them or strikes them most.


Overall rating of Pipe Micro Messaging:

(i) Concept: The concept is something new and different. It gets the attention and keeps it. It also makes messaging a whole lot of fun for everyone.

(ii) Visuals: The visuals are wonderful. They are very realistic and interactive. They promote good communications.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is warm, friendly, and very sociable. This is a great app for people of all ages. It is something that brings a smile to the face and heart.

(iv) User Experience: User experience can only be summed up in one word. Dottingly! This means that a person will dote on sharing communications with the dot approach.