Finding a game that impresses and satisfies you is never easy. We all look for games that capture our attention and promise excitement. Chasing games are known to be one of the most interesting games due to the thrill of the chase. Although, not all chasing games are worth your time. While searching for a game, I came across the Evade Maze Game.


Unlike many of the other games I had played, I was impressed by the continuity of the Evade Maze Game. The game has no levels. This means that there are no interruptions while playing. I played the game continuously, no breaks, and no interruptions until I was caught. Being a chase game, the main concept is to avoid being caught or colliding with other floating objects. The overall setup is aimed at maintaining the level of thrill and excitement throughout the game. As a matter of fact, the level of anxiety, thrill and adrenalin seems to increase the longer the game lasts. This is more so because as the game lasts longer, the difficulty and speed also increase. This in turn heightens the desire to last the longest.


I enjoyed the 2 dimensional display of the characters. All the happenings in the game are displayed accordingly. For instance, there are explosions that try to destroy you. I liked the visual representation of these explosions and many more events. Although simple, the visual representation of this game is precise.

 User interface

The user interface is so simple that a ten year old could comfortably play the game. I enjoyed the simplicity of the rules and the controls that make navigation quite easy. A simple touch on the screen was all it took to move my space ship from one point to another. Of cause, this is not the only way to do so. You could also opt to drag the ship from one position to another in an attempt to avoid collision.

 User experience

I found the game easy to play in terms of controlling the main character. However, this does not mean that the game is easy to win. I enjoyed the tension and the thrill when my ship came close to losing. I also loved the way in which the game became more and more challenging as I continued playing. It is truly a challenging game, without compromising on the fun and excitement.


A personal favorite is the simple art that forms the background as well as the characters in the game. All the characters and objects are projected in 2 dimension. Aliens in space ships is somewhat of a classic game setup. I appreciated the simplicity of the animations as they helped to carry the plot of the game.


What is a game without sound effects? The Evade Maze Game has a unique yet classic background sounds. Simplicity seems to be the basis of this game. The sounds are a complimentary touch to the animations on the game. It forms a perfect combo for kids. Well, if you are not a kid, the combo will surely remind you of your childhood games.


 If you are looking for a fun yet challenging and exciting game, then the Evade Maze Game is the perfect choice. It offers thrill to any individual who gives it a try. Regardless of your age, whether young or old, Evade Maze Game will not disappoint. I should be one to talk; I was definitely impressed by the entire layout of the game.