There is quite a challenge that one faces when travelling across different regions that speak different language tone. This becomes a great barrier to interaction with the locals, a situation that may deny an individual a chance of learning and getting new experiences. It is now the right time to surprise the locals in English-speaking countries with a rich flow and mastery of their English slang. How is this possible? Actually, with the recent release of the Say What app, everything is just at the user’s fingertips. A consistent flow of such foreign words can give an individual an added advantage and the great chance of being given a warm welcome by the people around!

The Functionality of the Say What app

This great app is one of the simplest apps to operate and understand. After downloading and installing, the user is introduced to a world of vocabulary emanating from different English-speaking countries. Actually, all the entire slang English found in these countries have been integrated to give the user an easy search moment. 

The first step the user undertakes is submission of such new word into the search button (should be in relation to the specific country one wants to get information from) and initiate the search. Surprisingly, the search results are facilitated and all the phrases found are perfectly translated into American English for easy understanding.

Compatible Devices for Say What app

This top rated app (with a 4+ rating) has proven beyond doubt that its performance is exceptional and thus the need to work on efficient platforms. This makes it to be well compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. In relation to its operating system, it works effectively with iOS 7.1 or any latest version present in the market.


Features in Say What app

There are unique features that make up this great app. They include the following:

Identify unique phrases from countries

Different countries that are English-speaking have developed a rich and detailed vocabulary that is prevalent to the local country people. It becomes quite challenging for a foreigner to understand such slang. Interestingly, Say What perfectly help one to discover such terms; for instance from countries like Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Australia and even Ireland.

Quick search by indicating specific countries or phrases

This great app goes to specific terms that are found in specific countries and give the best search for them. This helps in meeting the specific needs and demands of the users especially those who may be willing to travel to such countries. Besides, there is an option to indicate the phrase which will be used to give the ultimate answer.

Get new words and submit them for search

As a user, there is that great urge to understand the meaning of new terms that appear really hard. Say What app just requires one to make a submission of such terms and quickly get their real understanding in an instant! 

Faster translation of phrases

It is quite interesting on how this incredible app easily translates different phrases and terms into American-English. The output is of top quality and meets the expected translation standard level. This clearly proves how Say What app is really informational and efficient! Clearly speaking, with Say What, a traveler should be waiting for a fascinating travel experience to come.

Are there pros and cons associated with Say What app? Here are some of them:


· Very informational and helpful when travelling to English-speaking countries

· Quick and clear translation provided

· Faster search of terms across different countries

· Great learning experiences 

· A true tool in tackling language barrier


· Not applicable to non English-speaking countries

· Newly invented English slang may take time to be included


In these modern days, travelling across different countries and the aspect of learning different cultures is quite evident. There has always been the challenge of language barrier that has really affected the communication level as one travels to a new country. Say What app has brought a lasting solution that has filled the gap that was there. It has opened a way to a fascinating experience for travelers into different English-speaking countries. What a great app to download! Get it today App Store and amaze the locals with slang English!