It is not just about playing a game but enjoying the fascination and interesting components that have been incorporated within it. One of the greatest products produced by Sunland Studios Entertainment is the incredible Sheep Master app. They have actually designed the latest version (1.30) of this amazing game and added great features that make the game interesting and fun to play. The English-based app is purposely designed for users with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For one to efficiently use this app there is need to have installed iOS 6.0. Any other operating system that has been recently designed can also facilitate its functionality.

The Purpose of the Game

The game actually focuses on Christian concepts and principles emanating from the Bible. As a player one is allowed to use skills and experience acquired especially from the context of the Bible. In order for the player to efficiently take care of the flock of sheep, there is need to build up strong defense and apply different tactics (using different combination of RPG) in order to be eventually crowned as a Sheep Master.

Amazing features of Sheep Master app

  • Developing a wonderful farm

Apparently, Sheep Master Game gives the player an amazing opportunity to create and establish a great farm. The flock of sheep can comfortably stay in within the farm as the player consistently manage and take good care of them. In order to ensure that the sheep remain safe and secure one is required to build towering structures around the farm to prevent enemies from attacking from any side.

  • Hiring helpers and dogs and equipping them with skills

As a player, one requires a great team in order fight and conquer different opponents who launch attacks. This incredible Sheep Master app has an option where one can acquire different helpers, train them different tactics. That is meant to make them competent enough to offer protection to the farm in a skilled manner. With strong and firm partners, that ensures that maximum protection is guaranteed to the flock of sheep.

Furthermore, there are different types of dogs that a player can purchase using money earned. They are meant to foster security by guarding the entire farm.

  • Providing treatment to sick sheep

Due to constant attacks from rivals, some sheep may be prone to injuries which may affect the status of their health. Sheep Master Game offers one a chance to ensure that the health of the affected sheep is restored in the best way possible.

  • Saving lost and stolen sheep and earn rewards

This is a great feature that allows the player to gain and earn amazing rewards. By saving sheep that had completely got lost, one is rewarded with scrolls. Through consistent exploration of the farm, one can earn money that may facilitate in upgrading of the game levels.

  • Achieving the level of Sheep Master

Once a player has become skillful and acquired numerous earnings and rewards, one can upgrade from being a hero to become a Sheep Master.

Due to its simplicity, Sheep Master app is suitable for both children and adults. It is meant to bring a fantastic and learning experience to the entire family in relation to the Bible principles.


  • Great and high quality display and visual effects
  • Provides a simplified learning experience
  • Improvement in general performance
  • Possess clear and highly defined resolution


  • Performance may sometimes be inconsistent for novice players

This is a well-designed and top performing game that has been highly rated (9+ rating) and thus very recommended for any passionate player. Download the app for free and embark into an unstoppable fascinating moment.