XNSPY helps people to remotely monitor smartphonesthat are making use of Android or iOS platforms. This ultra-intelligent smartphone surveillance app offers geo-tracking and gives you access to everything that’s happening within the target phone. The app can be utilized for a number of purposes that include parental control, employee monitoring, spouse/partner spying and a lot more. The latest version of XNSPY comes packed with some of the amazing features that include recording of the target phone’s surroundings, at the top of list alongside many others.


XNSPY works for both Android and iOS devices (Jailbreak & No-Jailbreak). For installation on the Android and iOS Jailbreak phones, one-time access to the target device is required. The installation takes approximately 5 minutes and voila!

For iOS No-Jailbreak phones, installation is not required on the target device. Instead, the iOS credentials of target phone are required.


Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS

Works completely in stealth mode (undetectable)

Consumes minimum memory and doesn’t affect other applications’ performance

Subscription billing lets you automatically re-subscribe every month


A minimum of 1 month subscription is mandatory

Requires iOS credentials for No-Jailbreak devices

Requires one-time access to target device for installation


XNSPY can be called a comprehensive smartphone monitoring solution. Please continue reading to know more about the features.

  • Geotracking & Geo-fencing

XNSPY makes use of the global positioning system (GPS) to track location of the target device. This feature not only includes tracking of target device’s location but also lets a person to set alerts on specific areas through geo-fencing. As soon as the target device enters a no-go area, the application shoots an alert about the same. Apart from the real-time tracking of target device’s location, one can also fetch location history anytime.

  • Access to Call Logs & Contacts

With XNSPY a person can get complete access to the call log as well as the contacts on target phone. Apart from this, one can also set alerts against specific numbers on the target phone and get instantly notified in case a phone call is made from either side.

  • Screening of SMS/IM Chats

This app gives you complete access to the messages sent/received on the target device. You not only get access to the SMS messages but also to all the IM Chats, which means that a comprehensive history of chats done through the internet messengers that include iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Line and Kik can be fetched through XNSPY. Apart from this, one may also set alerts on specific words used in SMS or IM Chats for a comprehensive monitoring experience.

  • Tracking of Emails& Internet Browsing History

The email tracking feature of XNSPY lets a person to get complete access to the sent/received emails. In fact, the Gmail app on target phone can be accessed completely using this smartphone app. Besides, one may also fetch internet browsing history and bookmarks on the target phone.

  • Recording of Phone’s Surroundings

One of the notable features of XNSPY is its ability to record phone’s surroundings without the need of making a call. This lets a person to record everything that’s happening around the phone and to listen to it later.

  • View Images/Videos on the Target Phone

By making use of XNSPY, it is possible for a person to get access to all the images as well as videos stored on the target phone. No matter the target phone runs on iOS or Android platforms, viewing, copying or deleting multimedia content is remotely possible with this cellphone monitoring app.

  • Complete Remote Access to Target Phone

XNSPY doesn’t limit a person to phone spying but also gets him/her complete access to controlling the target device. Locking the target phone, wiping the data off it, checking apps installed on the target device, taking live screenshots and sending different commands to the target device is now possible with XNSPY.

In a nutshell, XNSPY has proved as a comprehensive mobile phone spying and tracking solution and spending some $8 per month is worth the features it has to offer!