In our daily lives, there are things that we do which we would never like to forget. We would like to have a clear memory of such things which mean a lot to us. These may be some of the photos that we take or receive from our friends and some conversations that we have ever had with, may be our best friends, partners or even exes.Fortunately, worry no more because, if you have an Iphone, then all is well with Shryne. Shryne is an Iphone app that enables you to access and organize your messages and photos, referred to as digital history, that you have taken in the past. These messages may be from all messaging platforms such as text messages, Imessages, Hangouts, Facebook messages among others. This means that you can easily access your history whenever you want without any trouble.

This app also gives you an exclusive opportunity to revisit various thrilling moments that you’ve had in the past. This means that your entire social history is placed in complete relationship archives thus making it easier to access. These archives provide a convenient way of accessing your history. For instance, in case you want to access a certain conversation or a picture in the archive, you can easily do that by searching using keywords, filtering by source or starred conversations. Shryne has three basic areas which are aimed at making sure that your digital history is well preserved. The Social Timeline part is an areas where all your interactions and relationships that you’ve had are stored; My Insights part keeps count of your communication metrics and Library Insights handles the metrics for individual relationships in the library. Thus we can see that all of your history is well organized which makes it easier to access and sort it.

There is another powerful feature that characterizes Shryne and this is the high level of privacy and security. Any data that you store in Shryne is only supposed to be accessed by you or under your consent and in that case, security and privacy mean a lot. No third party persons can access what you stored in Shryne. Also, you do not have to worry about corruption of your stored files because Shryne provides a secure cloud for storage of data and powerful data encryption. This storage is durable hence you do not have to worry about data loss. In addition, we should not forget that this app does not contain ads hence the user is not disrupted by ads, some of which may be annoying.

There are various versions of Shryne that are available for use and your choice depends on your preference. The difference arises due to storage size and the number of archives. For instance Shryne Free is a free version with only twenty archives and 250MB s of space while Shryne premium has an unlimited number of archives and 20GB storage though it is costs about twenty dollars annually. Thus, the pros of this app clearly overweigh the cons thus making it a good choice for everyone.

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