Do you know, you create a memory every day, every hour or every minute? And you preserve them via clicking them and saving in your device. Whether it’s your child’s first day of walking on his own or a birthday party, or anything else. New events keep on coming your way and your life never runs out of stock. Isn’t it? You can also make a simple moment into a special memory if you want to! However, these pictures can’t depict the actual feeling of the moment when you see them later, but you can remember those special moments and try to take the best out of it. So you check for the best editing tools on the store and transfer all the images to your PC or laptop because all those editing tools lie there! Don’t you think it’s not handy at all?

So, if you find a photo editing tool which is compatible with your phone, then what will you prefer more? Of course the mobile friendly app, which is more convenient and easy to use.  Let’s travel the smart way this side. I am talking about the latest Android app which is known as Simple Gallery Pro. It’s a file manager and photo editing tool which works smartly. It’s available for all the latest Android Operating systems.

Although, there are many other photo editors and file manager tools available in the market, this one is special because it is fully loaded with high quality features, if I talk about its features, there is an advanced photo editor, where you can crop pictures, edit photos, hide photos, search images, recover deleted files and videos, search GIF and other files. There are a variety of intuitive gestures where you can copy, move, hide, unhide- images, videos and GIFs. There are a lot of ways to filter, group and sort files. You can also protect your photos, videos and other functions with pin, pattern and fingerprint. Moreover, there is no internet access needed, which gives you more privacy, security and stability and thus makes it a secret photo album. You can open and view many different photo and video types in different formats such as RAW, SVG, panoramic, GIF and many more. You can create a customizable slideshow of your files with many options available within the photo gallery and set any image as a wallpaper also.

The Simple gallery Pro is a professional file organizer to edit photos with ease, which will become your favorite once you use it! I’m sure!

If you deleted any photos or videos by mistake, you can recover them from the recycle bin. All thanks to this amazing photo vault! You will never regret deleting any file in future!

So you can see it’s not less than a PC tool for editing photos because everything you need is available right in your palms. The app is available for ₹49 on the Google app store. It’s a perfect price and may be less than deserving because there are so many features that you will never have to face your PC for such a purpose at least. Go and buy this one.

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