Technology has helped us to manage our health. This is especially important for ladies and women because we can now manage important health issues such as our menstrual cycles. Technological solutions help us to make better decisions concerning our bodies. One of the most important decisions for womenfolk is when to prepare for their periods. This is something that I would like to know every month. I have experienced surprise periods and it was not interesting. Thus, when I heard of the inme: Period Tracker application for iPhone, I simply had to try it. Here is what I found out about it first hand.

Why is this application considered helpful?

Firstly, I got the application so that I would not get caught by surprise by my periods. I have experienced this before and it was terrible. Therefore, if the application could help me to know when to expect my flow, it would be wonderful. Thankfully, it did a lot more than tell me when to expect my period. Inme: Period Tracker was on point from the start.

Right after getting the application for free from the Apple App Store, I installed and launched it. The application allowed me to create a personal profile. After that, it gave me an option to pick 28 days as the length of my period cycle. After that, the app presented options to enter the first day of my menses.

With this information provided, the app calculated the average length of my period cycle and helped me to discover when to expect them every month. In addition to this, inme: Period Tracker also informed me about my ovulation patterns and the days when I am most fertile. The app presents all this information in a colorful chart which is easy to follow.

Extra, useful features of the application

One of the characteristics of this application which was most helpful to me is that I could enter data about the heaviness of my period flow. This was facilitated by special tabs in the application.

It also helped me to enter data about the amount of cramping pain which I experience monthly. I was very happy to fill in this option. Part of the health management that I desired was information about when the pain would begin and end too.

Other particulars which the inme: Period Tracker application helped me to save include information about fluid production, moods and spotting. All the extra data was compiled into my menstrual patterns. As such, I could tell everything about my periods with one glance.

Pros of inme: Period Tracker

The application has a number of advantages. They include:

  • The application is fairly easy to use
  • The menstrual cycle is automatically calculated for you
  • A collection of slots are there to help you enter all the extra information about your menses
  • You can discover information about your fertility levels and emotional condition from the application
  • The app is free
  • It is available in a collection of languages.

Cons of inme: Period Tracker

The application has a few disadvantages too. They are:

  • It lacks a security locking option to keep your personal information confidential
  • You have to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS version 10 for it to work

Final verdict

I found the inme: Period Tracker application to be a perfect digital assistant to help me manage my periods. Ilya Shapotkovski installed some helpful features that make this possible. Overall, it is a girl’s best friend.

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