There are tons of new Android games on the market and plenty of them are available on your tablet or smart phone. Through the android market there is a great fighting game called Monster Blade. This is a fun hack and slash style hunting game, in which the prey you are hunting happen to be monsters and dragons each with their own unique abilities.


The game is cool, and has excellent graphics but the game play itself is typical of most hack and slash games. The only true fault in the game is that the monsters are not a whole lot bigger than you, with the exception of some of boss monsters. Considering all of the items you can equip your warrior with, this is a minor setback. With over four hundred unique items, your character can earn armor, weapons and more to enhance your battles.


Use the touch screen controls to fight your way along friends as you battle fiery beasts, great dragons and creatures of myth and legend. Once you download Monster Blade you will realize that this is one addictive game.  You will be imersed in the game for awhile as you try and unlock as many items as you can to improve your character and your ability to take down those beasts.