Face to face interaction is one of the best mode of interaction to understand in any way.The biggest advantages of face to face interaction is that we can easily make a decision that who the person views your word and many more.it is not possible to have a face to face interaction if a person is in other country and other one too.But with the help of Apps available nowadays we can video call someone.Several apps has been build but TagFi is one of the best interaction app which allow the users to have face to face interaction.
TagFi is a social meet app because it allow one to make a group and share their beloved messages.TagFi is build only for Ios platform and it doesnt support to other operating system.it is one of the best innovative app by TagFi inc.The app is simple to use and it doesnt hang up the phone or any such things doesnt occurs.The developer has made special coding in order to make the size as compresseble and hence the size of the app is almost 35Mb which is less than expected.One have to just install the app and it just require a stable internet connectivity.Once you open the app it is very simple to run it.The app consists of various categories such as public group or if one desire to find a closer member then it is allowed too.If one desire to chat with a friend then one can easily just search out for that friend and can easily chat and if one desire to have face to face interaction then just click the video symbol and then have have a wide chat too.

TagFi is a whole new app which allows one to make public group and the best part pf the app is it also allows one to check someone profile whether the profile is fake or what.TagFi allows one to search for anyone just one problem arise that one should a TagFi user to chat with them.It is a chatroom which comes with advancement for the user to make public group amongst themselves.The Homescreen always shares daily stuffs to make the user aware of the environment.Apart from that it allows to tag someone in order to share pics,etc.Forming groups and other safety features are also included in the app for the best TagFi experience. It is one of the best one stop solution for every kind of activities.
1.Allows Face to Face Interaction.2.Allows the user to see someone’s profile.3.Check for the nearest outlet or shop made easier.4.Simple to use.

Cons:1.The app size is large.

TagFi is one of the best IOS app developed by TagFi inc whcih has a good market value in the market for their dedicating apps.It is one of the best app which enables the user to find some nearest stuffs by sharing the location of it.The app is fully secured and made under expert advice so safety issue get resolved.it is one of the user friendly app which can be used by anyone to meet their needs.


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