SpamResponse, available to Android users through the Google Play store is an effective app with one aim; to eliminate the ever-growing issue of text messaging or SMS spam.

All those with a mobile phone, especially those who frequently use a text messaging app have, or will at one point or another become prey to a form of text message spam.

While most of these spam messages are harmless web links aimed at increasing website traffic, a service offer or a promotional message, there is also a flurry of highly malicious spam message schemes. There has been steady increase in text message phishing scams, where spammers pretend to be from either the government, your cellular carrier or from your bank.

These spam messages may seem like just an annoying drum in and amongst all messaging platforms but they do sound off warnings that all text message users casino 100zl bez depozytu should take note of. These spam messages can quickly become very dangerous, especially to those most vulnerable, which is why we should all take the step to upgrade from the easily bypassed spam filters in our mobile devices.

That is where Spam Response comes into play. The intuitive app has been designed to allow user to help prevent SMS spam by reporting the unwanted messages they have received.

When you first open the app you’ll notice how similar to an ordinary text messaging app SpamResponse appears. Users need simply to scroll through the recent messages’ list and swipe right on any unwanted or unsolicited messages. Once you’ve swiped right the sender will be reported for SMS spam. Not to worry, if you’ve accidentally swiped right on the wrong message, the app does provide the option to the mistake and get back to filtering out the real spam.

Users are also able to press and hold to select multiple messages at once. Another key feature is the apps option for contact filtering, which if turned on will stop the app from displaying messages from anyone in your contact list. These features allow users to quickly identify spam messages, while also removing the risk of accidentally reporting a friend. You are also given access to a detailed history report, with logged dates and times of previously reported spam.

Users should be aware that the app does not have real-time application in preventing spam from reaching your inbox, but rather important long term influence in preventing spam as a whole.
The app has great features with only one real drawback; its unattractive interface. The interface is perfectly functional but could use a good face lift in future updates.

Overall, for anyone willing to join in the battle against SMS spam, Spam Response is an important application in working towards a spam free future.