As a parent people are always looking for new, fun ways to help their children learn both at home and on the go. The Games for Kids app “Bus” is a great way for children from ages four and up to enjoy learning in a light, interactive way. This application, put out by Hedgehog Academy in December of 2014, is educational and fun for children and parents alike. Children get to follow the story of a bus who loses his purpose in life w hen he is left in a junkyard. They get to follow along in his journey to find a new purpose in his life.

 From helicopters to subway trains, children learn about all sorts of different modes of transportation in a fun and exciting way while establishing a connection with our lovable bus friend. In helping him find his purpose they go through numerous games to learn valuable problem solving skills and gain education about the pollution traffic in high population cities puts into the environment. Your kids will thrive using their memory, logic and problem solving skills in a variety of fun games to help their friend, the bus, along in his quest to find purpose.


One of the first games they get to play is a transportation identification game where they must find the mode of transportation that is unlike the other three they are shown. Finding the correct wheel for the bus is yet another fun game where they help their friend along. Memory games run rampant in this application, helping children develop good visual memory that is vital to their growth and development. Jigsaw puzzles are a fairly easy way, within the game, to develop basic problem solving skills that are only furthered by tasks such as identifying who was driving and placing the cars of a subway train all in the correct order!

 This application, as well as most others from Hedgehog Academy, will run on any tablet, making it easy for small children to play, or run on any smart phone device with version 2.2 or higher. It’s supported in 15 different languages including Russian, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Polish and more allowing those children who are bi-lingual even more options of playing in both known languages. Other reviews of this game don’t give it the justice it deserves. It’s a wonderful game for children and the tasks are on par with children as young as age four right up to age ten despite the game being focused on children ages 4-6.