Are you looking for a battery-saving app for your Smartphone? Have you ever been tired because your phone is always in a low battery condition? While there have been many battery-saving apps in the Google App before, but nothing has arrived like the one we’re going to discuss next. Sudo Battery will help to give a bit more battery life for your Android Smartphone with minimal hassle.

Sudo battery helps you to identify or scan the apps which consumes a lot of power and optimize them when you’re not using them. This will stop them from eating at your battery and prevents your phone from slowing down. Offered by Sudo Inc., the app runs on any Android Smartphone having 4.4 or any later version of the OS. The app is updated and has fixed some bugs also. I think it’s the best power saving app that I’ve ever used for my Android phone.

After installing the app on your Smartphone, you’ll go through the major functions of the app which basically extends the battery life of your phone. There is a Menu at the Home Screen where you can see a lot of options to select such as Monitor, Optimize, CPU Cooler, Tips, settings, etc. There are a lot of tips which you can read and follow to protect your battery. You can close the apps which drains most of the battery, turn your phone to power saving mode when you’re not using it, reduce the brightness of your phone, etc. But, now the question is how will you get to know about the apps which are consuming a lot of power?

Wait, there’s everything for you in this app. You can click the monitor button and check the percentage of battery consumed by a particular app. If you think that the app is totally irrelevant, then you can stop using it right now. You can use optimize function to close the unnecessary background processes and optimize them. This will help you to save a lot of battery and extend the battery life also. There is an amazing function called CPU Cooler which acts as a cooler for your phone and reduce the phone’s temperature.

Sudo battery acts as a quick charger for your phone. Every time when you charge your phone, you can turn on the fast charging mode and thus, it will quickly charge your phone. This app acts as a true battery doctor and power saver in various aspects. Firstly, it cools down your phone when the CPU gets hotter. Secondly, it cleans the junk files, and frees up memory for the phone. Lastly, it monitors and optimizes the processes which are eating up the battery. It’s a one touch battery saver which reduces the tension of getting a low battery sign always in your phone. Furthermore, you can view every info related to the battery using this app.

So download the free battery saver and use smart charge, health check, health test and repair battery.
The app is available for free on the App Store. Get it now and save the battery of your Android Smartphone!

Pros: free battery doctor; user-friendly app; extends battery life; you can check battery info; cools down your phone; scans and optimize the relevant processes; monitors battery usage.

Cons: none.

Download the App from Google Play