Keeping fit and ensuring that your weight is always at the right levels is a key component of a healthy life. World health reports have shown that diseases that are related to overweight and lack of exercises are major causes of death today.. That is why UpDown Technologies, Inc. have developed a new app that is supported by IOS devices. Updown Fitness: Personal Workout Trainer is the new app that has been designed to help you in your daily workout programs. 

Updown Fitness is an app that is suitable for anybody who want to elevate his or her fitness levels to another level. This app transforms your ipad or phone into a person workout trainer. The app is very suitable for fitness experts and also to the people who are new in the gym. With this fitness trainer you will have a wonderful time of achieving your fitness goals. Unlike other fitness apps, Updown Fitness is able to generate unique fitness programs that are based on your gym experiences. This app is also able to choose the best workout programs for you depending on your location, time and workout types. Updown Fitness: Personal Workout Trainer also entails animated characters that show you how to perform the exercises. This will help you perform the perfect exercises without any difficulties. Updown Fitness also gives you the chance of creating your own animated exercises that can be saved for future use. The developer did not also forget to add a feature that gives you directions on how many reps are good for you and how much weight you should lift. The app will then use its algorithm to determine what kind of workouts are best for you depending on your progress.


Updown Fitness will give you a chance of choosing from 5 types of exercises namely

1. Stretch exercises. These are exercises that aimed at specific muscle groups. These workouts improve your overall body flexibility

2. Core exercises. These are the best exercises that will give you a 6-pack.

3. Cross exercises. These are workouts that improve your levels of endurance.

4. Strength. These workouts strengthen body muscles like arms and chest

5. Cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that are mainly aimed at helping you loose weight efficiently.

Updown Fitness also gives you a chance to share your fitness experiences with your friends and other people via social plugins. With this app your workouts will become a fun and engaging experience. Try it today. The app will also log and track other fitness activities like running and yoga. The developer released a new version that has features like rewards for your exercises, you can have up to 100 favorites, improved interfaces and graphics, improved graphs and tracking systems.


1. Updown Fitness improves your fitness programs that translates to a healthy lifestyle.

2. The app is easy to use 

3. The app is free to download and free to use

4. Updown Fitness requires a space of only 25.2 MB

5. The app doesn’t slow down the operations of your IOS device. 


The app only supports the English language making it relatively hard for non-English speakers to use it effectively.

Looking at these pros and cons we can say that Updown Fitness is a must have app. It is an app that is designed to ensure that you live a healthy life and hen e improving your wellness and productivity. Download it today from iTunes.