TSC Music is a magnificent iOS app of an advanced technology named Threshold Sound Conditioning. This latest technology or app keeps a check the ability of your hearing to find whether its functioning is the way it should be or not. The most amazing part it along with prior mentioned feature it also enhanced your hearing capacity by sending individualized sound signal basing on your hearing condition. It’s great to hear music with TSC and perfect sound modulation and is soothing for the ears.


TSC iOS app is supplemented with a flawless display and gives you a great experience to relax. The convenient navigation makes the app more user-friendly and has been meticulously made to offer the best experience to the users. You can customize the app according to your choice as its adjustable app. Moreover, the interactive Graph in it helps to keep tracks for listening and it varies according to the usage and the hours of usage.

User Interface

To say it, in other words, TSC protects the hearing system as it modulates the sound as per your hearing ability reducing the chances of hearing loss. It allows the appropriate sound with Active EQ. Viewing the auditory process of the interactive charts. Along with these, it improves the hearing ability too.


User Experience

iOS App – TSC Music is very user-friendly the app is simply designed to make the users find the features fast. Whenever you find you apply sound conditioning the app gathers the data and displays it on the graph that is easy to understand. It features your progress, the time period of usage and also the lowest and highest INDEX values. It enables the music lovers to hear music with best possible sound quality. Streaming music with TSC will further improve the quality. It can be installed with Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud also.

Overall iOS App – TSC Music a stupendous app which can enable you to hear customized sound modulation. Great app!!


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