There are a lot of species of butterflies and moths in the world and no wonder how much we grow up, we love to watch them. They always lit up our spirits and brought a smile on our face as we love to have them captured. How about you have an app that allows you to say goodbye to your friends or family with these awesome stickers that have moths or butterflies? Sound’s quite different, Right? Yes, the app Midnight Moth Bedtime Stickers developed by the artist, Crystal Smith comes with these unique features.

Belonging to the Social Networking category, Midnight Moth Bedtime Stories helps you to create good-night messages at your bedtime. The stickers automatically show up in your imessage app drawer, and they are animated with either magical moths or cute little butterflies. It allows you to peel and place the stickers anywhere you want like your conversation, text bubbles, images or other stickers.

The most notable feature of Midnight Moth Bedtime Stickers is that it has 18 unique stickers in bold colors that are hand drawn. The app is best suitable for all those in the family including kids and adults. It helps you to share the magic with your beloved every night. The images are animated and they create a magic to the texts we add and these hand drawn images are specifically designed for imessage and they come in large sizes. With this app, you can convey messages like ‘good night’, ‘are you sleeping’, ‘see you in the morning’, ‘moonlight wishes’, ‘moonlight magic’, ‘make a wish’ etc.,

Using Midnight Moth Bedtime Stickers, you can send these butterfly and moth stickers to your kids and let them know it is late for bed and it’s time to get some sleep. Not just kids, even the grownups can text their lover/spouse and convey a goodnight message with a romantic text or emoji. The app requires iOS 10.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The app comes in English language and is available for a price of $0.99. When you have any queries to be answered while downloading or using an imessage sticker set, you can very well contact the artist via the contact form available on the website or reach her on [email protected]. You can say ‘Hello’ to her on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram also.

Download Midnight Moth Bedtime Stickers this instant and use them in your texts. Make your nights magical thereby conveying whatever it is that you want to say to your loved ones.

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