Being a mother/father of a kid, you might often get worries about how you are going to take care of your child’s marriage or educational expenses. It is not just me, but anyone with offspring would want to see their child’s future secure.

Money-saving app makes use of the technology’s power to let you save money and invest in a smarter manner. Don’t worry, U-Nest is one of the best money-saving apps out there and eliminates some of the hard work out of saving and does that task for you.

When you were a kid, you might’ve had a piggy bank to hide your pocket money and save for a treat. U-Nest is an online piggy bank that empowers users to save and reach their financial goals. One app that gives a relief to all your money-related worries is U- Nest. The app has a lot of pros like the easy to setup feature, the tax-free growth, easy tracking features and the lot. The investing and financial planning is all made easy by this company and its team of financial advisors with more than a decade experience.

With a separate profile for each child, you can clearly manipulate the amount you want to save. You can use the college calculator and find the amount that you can get later. The portfolio of each child gives a typical asset allocation for individual age group. The app is maintained by the top U.S. Management firm, the Invesco. The firm has over 80 years of experience in managing assets worth billions. U-Nest ensures your security and it safeguards all your data by encryption. The app also enables multiple payment options.

As a U-Nest user, you have to pay $3 for the service. While this is one great way to save as you are rewarded with bonuses. The app eliminates all the cluttering paperwork and enables you to go digital. The app allows you to choose plans according to your budget with an amount much less of around $25.

The app also lets your well-wishers credit any amount as a token of love on any special occasions. This finance based app is compatible with iOS versions 10.3 or later. The app is intuitive and good to use and makes it easy for every parent to save for their young ones in a tax-free free way.

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