For anyone out there who is crazy about word puzzles like scrabble, it is going to be a treat for you in the next few minutes. All of you have heard the name Imangi, the developers of one of the most popular action games on iOS, Temple Run. Though there are, I haven’t heard the name of any word game by the developers. But this time, I am unable to save myself from the virus of their excellence as they have brought a game with the same name, Imangi.

This app, Imangi is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later version of the OS. There is a board consisting of several words aligned vertically and horizontally in an irregular fashion. You can roll the rows and columns horizontally and vertically respectively and by doing so, you can make infinite numbers of combinations of different letters. What you have to do is make the largest word possible with all letters lying adjacent to each other, not necessarily in a straight line.


There are four different modes of gameplay: standard, speed, daily challenge. The basic concept remains same in all four just the gameplay differs a bit as in speed; you have to work out the largest word as quickly as possible. Also, in each mode you get four different options for difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert going from the low to the very high. There are some letters circled which means that they are bonus alphabets and if you use them, you’ll be getting bonus points. So, it’s better if you manage to use them as well.

When it’s a developer like Imangi, you are forced to expect something brilliant and it is. The visuals are polished and the gameplay couldn’t have been any better. I must say that this is called an “Artist’s Work”.

The app is available for free in the App Store. So, do check out if you have the calibre to beat the best in the game or not.