As such there are scintillating events going on these days, I could find my great solace in spending time with playing racing games to take my tense mind off of everything. You could find lot of racing gaming on the cards lately, but every now and I always like to return to my Android for gaming, specifically Wheelie King 3D – Top Bike Game developed by Kimble Games.

Actually I grew up with variety of games in all kinds; so primarily, when the familiar genres are introduced I can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with Wheelie King 3D – Top Bike Game

If you’re an ardent fan of racing games in general, then Wheelie King 3D is one that you must check out this on holiday. Once you get the hang of unique things, the game is surprisingly enjoyable one. They are available at Google play store for Android platform and also exclusively available at Apple Store for iOS. From the title itself, you can actually predict that it is a 3D game so it’s really interesting to play.

You can experience some of the Key features of this game.

Key Features:

  • Customize your bikes: Players can change the look of your bike. Choose any color for your bike as per your choice.
  • Multiple tracks: Users can come across many kinds of tracks that it is possible to select for riding.
  • Daily missions: There are so many missions that players can get in this game.
  • Race: There is a race against the ghost time attack game mode.
  • Various scooters and bikes: There are scooters of 50cc and turbo bikes of 1300cc.
  • Upgrade bikes: The players can upgrade your bikes.
  • Leader boards: The users can check your achievements at the leader board.
  • Different views: The passionate players are able to view the bike from different angles. 

Finally it’s certainly something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. Overall, I trust app developers did a good job with Wheelie King 3Din terms of the game features.