Word puzzles for fun is an amazing game with a neat UI that will keep you glued to your phone for long hours. It is one of the most fascinating puzzle games that I have ever played. I am an avid lover of puzzle games and have spent numerous hours on them since my childhood. The specialty of this type of puzzle games is that they don’t require much thinking and can be played easily with one thumb while I am on the go. They are ideal for hours of entertainment and train our mind. Word puzzle games give you opportunity to learn new words in a fun way. They give you the instant gratification of solving a problem correctly. The best part is sometimes they get really challenging. Besides, they are a great way to pass time.

Came through word puzzles for fun while I was casually surfing the itunes store one day. It is an exciting word puzzle where you will have to find words in horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It has two game modes- packages and quests. In the packages mode, you can choose various categories like computers, animals, countries etc. With the start of each level you get a list of words at the bottom of the screen that you have to find. There is an in-built timer which keeps track of the time you spend solving a puzzle. So, you can come back to a puzzle more than once and beat your best time. If you have played any word puzzle before, you are already familiar with this type of puzzles. In the quest mode, you have to clear as many levels as you can within a given time limit. This mode can get very challenging at times.


So, here goes the cons and pros of the title:
1. It is very addictive. It made me forget all the free time I had. Could not get off the game before I completed all the levels.
2. It does not have multiplayer support. Would have been great if there was an option to compete with players worldwide.
3. Although there are plenty of categories, I finished all of them after a month. Would like to see more categories added soon.
1. A great way to increase your vocabulary while you are having fun. You can always look up the new words on the internet which you come through.
2. You get to know how to spell words across various categories that are difficult for you.
3. It is a very simple game. No complex characters,no fancy weapons and no marathon story-line. Doesn’t take much thinking and helps you to relax anytime.
4. Good way to pass time. Commuting and standing in a long queue will certainly get easier once you start playing word puzzles for fun.
Final Verdict: Highly recommended if you like puzzle games, which you probably do since you are reading reviews of this game. Install it and have countless hours of fun combined with learning experiences.
Thank you for reading my review.