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Top 10 Tips For Developing a Successful App

Top 10 Tips For Developing a Successful App

  • To successfully develop an app you should surely have faced all the possible hurdles, such as facing scam developers or being stuck due to some natural calamities. Developing an app involves a lot of other problems as well, such as being amidst a military coup abroad or your hard drive being chewed by a dog or even having your iPhone lost in the toilet and so on.
  • You should surely pen down all your experiences and the losses you suffered in a blog, so that other developers can take heart from it.
  • When considering publishing your app, you need to do some routine work, which you can outsource, so that you have more time to concentrate on your business, and, of course, write the above mentioned blog.
  • The current trend in app development is to take a day off by just driving out to some far flung village. Just relax and take a leisurely break away from it all. Stay away from the hustle bustle for about 36 hours.
  • Go globetrotting to some foreign country in connection with the app development, at least once a year. You can even avail a free upgrade in flights going to other countries, as Apple and Google sponsor them. You can even get valuable sleep with no Wi-Fi on the flight. The idea is to take two laptops and at least three cellular phones with you and mention that you are an app developer. You are sure to get first class treatment in the flight.
  • It has been proven that most app developers don’t get the required amount of sleep. 98.5% of the developers don’t get sleep. The rest must also make it a point not to sleep or you cannot get the work done. You could take recourse to stimulants, both natural and biochemical instead.
  • Thailand is known for the restorative Green Curry and scientists working in Palo Alto confirm that cognitive powers increase with the consumption of this Thai delicacy. Use the appstorerankings.net along with appcod.es and combine it with Thai Green Curry to get the best keyword optimization and more downloads.
  • Find Tipperary water, which is a natural mineral water created in North Tipperary by the Devils Bit Mountain. You can be assured of improved rankings for iOS iPhone as well as the iPad app rankings by more than ten places once you have consumed this water. There are many developers at Pocket Diamonds as well as at Pinga and the Queen who are eager to consume this Tipperary Natural Mineral Water or TNMW.
  • Most app developers take time off for some type of exercise. The WHO has noted that absence of exercise could seriously affect your metabolism. Get a treadmill in your workstation and you are sure to find a significant improvement in your efficiency levels.
  • Convert your lifestyle into a more active and mobile one. Enjoy yourself while developing an app. This will make it more fun for you and, more importantly, your users will also have more fun using your apps when playing games. The bottom line is to enjoy developing the app.

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