Learning through games is the new trend of learning as it’s always easy to grasp through entertainment. Some games are not just for learning, it empowers your IQ skills. One such games are Puzzle games where you get an opportunity to fine tune your brain while you play a game. XBEATS is one such game which was designed to target the music lovers, music learners and Professional musicians. If you really have a great affinity towards learning about musical notes then this game will help you to fine tune your skills. It helps to keep your mind relaxed while you learn music.

XBEATS puzzle game is targeted for  people who knows basics about Musical notes. The theme of the XBEATS game is similar to cross words, you have to arrange the musical note tiles and fill the grid to form appropriate musical note sequence . The game controls are very simple, you have to just drag and drop the note tiles into grid and form a meaningful sequence. There are over 40 regular levels in this game which will keep you entertained all along. The levels are categorized in to three types based on the grid size, they are Duple, Triple and Quadruple. Duple will have a maximum of 2X2 grid, where as Triple and Quadruple has 3X3 and 4X4 grids respectively.

In addition to the regular levels, they have some special Challenges mode too, but the Challenges mode will be unlocked only when you complete the regular levels. The Challenges mode will have another 20 addictive puzzles. If you are not very good with musical notes then don’t worry the game itself offers hints which will reveal the note values. But be sure to use hints wisely, because once you make a move the note values will disappear. You get 3 chances to undo your move, Once you have used these three undo chances you need to wait for another 30 mins for the undo chances to reset. Also there is a magic wand block using which you can create any note block you need. You can purchase Magic blocks in the in-app store.

You need to complete each levels with some predefined set of moves to unlock next level. Each level has a different goal to get a perfection score. If you use one move per empty then you will get a perfection score, but if you exceed that but completed within the allowed moves then also you will be allowed to unlock next level. XBEATS is a very addictive puzzle game if you love music and know about music notes. If you are a musical pro or a student who knows about music notes then you can challenge your skills by solving these musical puzzles.


Pros: A Puzzle game with musical theme is very new and unique.  The game interface is very simple and easy to play. Even the background music is very pleasing.

Cons: Like any other free game, XBEATS also has advertisements but you can remove them by spending few dollars. The game doesn’t have the iPhone’s game center integration where you can compare yourself with other players and engage challenges. Also there are no leader boards or score boards to keep track of your scores.