With each day comes a new music release, making it quite difficult for even an ardent music lover to follow up, especially if you want to have all the albums. Navigating through an array of songs while streaming on your mobile device can be quite stressful, hence the need for an Albums App.


Albums is about 82.8MB, is a simple and modern music application that allows for easy navigation through music collections, search, streaming of your favorite albums in a seamless fashion. It goes beyond showing what songs you want to hear to showing all available content from which you can now make your pick. Easy, right? You bet it is!

Created by the Heiko Mueller, this iOS app is a breath of fresh air as it allows users to search for, bookmark and play your favorite albums.

User Experience

This app was released on June 1st 2017, so it has not gotten a lot of reviews. However, the few it has gotten shows that it will be amongst top downloaded and is here to stay for good.  The fact that it allows you get not just your favorite songs, but also the entire album speedily is a plus for many.


User Interface

The application is designed to be used with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.  It comes with a nice layout and a search screen that displays all albums, making it easier for you to select your choice from the available options. To start playing, tap on your desired album or the heart icon to add it to your favorites.

The app supports streaming from iTunes Match as long as you have previously enabled the “Show All Music” in iOS’ settings. There’s no UI to open albums and pick songs, no filters, no playlists – you just choose albums and play them. You can open Control Center and navigate through songs from there.


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