It is often good to find different methods to make learning easier and quicker for kids. You must find new ways so that they find learning fun. There are so many bright, colourful and challenging apps that make learning stick in our minds. If you need to practice some basic math skills or need some help to teach math to your kids, then this app could come handy.

The app named LULO – Lucky Logic is one handy tool that helps you learn the simple calculations of plus and minus. It serves as a great means to practice some best math skills. This creative app assists you train your brain during your free time in a productive manner. This completely free game helps to build the child’s memory and speed of learning maths.

The app posts simple numbers from 1 to 9 at the top of the screen and asks the user to solve it. Your objective is to use the game numbers at the bottom of the screen and move them upwards to get the desired result. You can either add or subtract the game number with the number on the grid by moving the plus/minus slider at the bottom of the screen. Your grid and game numbers are always between 1 and 9. The answers are not lesser than 0 or greater than 9. If you get results like that, the number doesn’t calculate but just gets stacked up. This puzzle game is simple yet challenging like no other. The more space you clear the more gems you earn and the higher the scores you obtain. When the numbers are full in the grid, you lose the game and the score is again set to ‘0’.

The sounds effects of the game can be turned ON/OFF whenever you prefer and you can pause the game in-between. LULO Lucky Logic is suitable for all iOS and Android devices. Through in-app purchases users can get x2 Gems for $0.99, x4 Gems for $1.99, x10 Gems for $4.99 and x100 Gems for $17.99. You can remove the ads by paying $1.99. Instead of purchasing the gems, you can also earn them by making consecutive wins. The faster your brain works, the higher you will be rewarded.

LULO Lucky Logic comes with 20 skins (backgrounds for the game) to make math look more good and enjoyable. LULO Lucky Logic makes math easier for people of all ages! Download this math game today and start training your brain with some maths. Play and have fun!

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