If you on a weight loss journey, you may be familiar with the general term BMI that is acronym for Body Mass Index. Yes, BMI is indicating as measurement to determine if you’re at a healthy weight range corresponding to your body size. Remember that Body Mass Index is not an exact measurement, but great for estimating how much fat your body consists of. That’s why Medical Pro uses an online BMI calculator to calculate Body Mass Index as it is the first measurement to assess your overall health and wellbeing.

In the helpful context, we have list of few best bmi (Body Mass Index) calculator app that allow you to calculate BMI, fats, calories, and other intake that you people may lack or might even take more than required.

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BMI Calculator App –Body Mass Index& Weight Tracker:

Now, it becomes handy to calculate and even evaluate your BMI (Body Mass Index) with this free version health calculator. All you have to enter your age, gender, height and weight, and lets the calculator does all in couple of seconds. However, this free Body mass index calculator is providing you calculation that is based on the WHO BMI classification and also supports both imperial and metric units. The upside is that this bmi calculator for boys and every age group allow you to find your ideal weight and even explore some professional tips related your health.

  • You could calculate BMI scientifically
  • You can easily log your Body Mass Index history and commence with tracking your health changes
  • Calculate BMI for adults, teens, and children

BMI Calculator – Body Mass Index, BMR & Body Fat Calculator:

This Body Mass Index calculator app is specifically designed for individuals who want to achieve optimal health goal on their weight loss journey. This fitness app allows you to figure out BMI, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), body fat percentage along with waist to height ratio (WHR) of your body. Well, if you are seeking for girl bmi calculator, then navigate to calculator-online.net that provides you free, but best calculator for BMI through which you can easily get bmi chart for kids and every age group within fraction of seconds.

This app for BMI uses D. R. Miller Body Mass Index formula to provides you with the precise measurements. You just ought to add your age, weight and height in Kgs/lbs or meters/feet into the respective fields to get health related outcomes. So, track your bmi and stay healthy.

Body Mass Index Calculator – Check your BMI (Body Mass Index):

This BMI calculator app is the fair way to check your ideal weight and calculate body fat percentage corresponding to your age, weight, and height. Install this app right now and turn your body into great shape. Just enter your age, height, and weight into the designated fields of this calculator and determine whether you are overweight or underweight.

  • Calculate BMI for women, men, and children for free
  • This app supports both imperial and metric units
  • Provides you with BMI chart with simple interface

NIH Calculator for BMI:

The NIH (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s) provides you with the online BMI calculator that screen for weight categories, which may lead to health-related problems. There’s no need to stick with learn BMI calculation instructions and different formulas, just add height, weight, and gender to attain precise measurements. This BMI app uses different metric systems to perform calculation for your entered parameters. The amazing thing about this app is that you can explore numerous links to resources on the NHLBI site.

  • Simple and attractive UI
  • 100% free and even work offline. So, you could calculate BMI anytime and anywhere you want

Body Mass Index & Ideal Weight Calculator:

Calculate your BMI that is entirely dependent on the relevant information on your body weight, height, age and gender.

Best about this BMI calculator app:

  • Figure out your Body Mass Index, Ideal Weight, Metabolic Rate (BMR), Water Intake and more health-related parameters within a single tap
  • Get daily tips that motivates you in your weight loss progress
  • The interface packed with multiple users’ profiles, means you could calculate and track the health measurements of your loved ones
  • Built-in notes option to assist you regarding your overall health
  • Work with both metric and imperial unit system

Give a try to this fitness app to figure out your ideal weight as obesity are risk factors for different diseases like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Also, it can be taken into account to determine your healthy weight if you aim to reduce excess flab or start an optimal level diet program.

Thankfully, you people come to know about best and free BMI apps, stick with any one of the above to and track your healthy measurements. Good Luck!