One of the interesting gaming experiences for a player involves the mastery of the card game. It is because this game not only requires clear and concise moves but also needs the player to apply unique gaming skills in order to give the best ultimate performance. Through the application of great experience, the player stands a great chance of winning and be rewarded. With the creation of Grand Gin Rummy app game by GameDuell GmbH, the players can now exhibit their skills in cards. Interestingly, this amazing card game offers the perfectly illustrated 1920s Grand Gin Rummy Hotel thus creating a 5-star hotel atmosphere that is quite fascinating. Surely, it is for the game player to join other members and work out the game card perfectly!

Understanding Grand Gin Rummy game:

This amazing card game was recently updated on 29th June 2016 to improve its performance and incorporate new features. These include the introduction of the special offer, double up feature, new stars in Oklahoma and custom cards. Additionally, this version 1.1.6 of Grand Gin Rummy is currently available in English language which is conversant to many users. So far it has received a 4+ rating which is attributed to its exceptional performance, captivating nature, bonus gifts (in form of free chips) and its challenging nature. It has clearly proven to be a game worth giving a try!

Getting into the Grand Gin Rummy game:

At first, the player will be introduced to different set of modes; these include the Practice, Quick, Classic and Oklahoma mode. If the player is a novice one, it is good to start with the Practice mode which exposes one on how to perfectly play the game. The Classic game mode is more or like a league game and the winner is decided based on the person who knocks with less deadwood and who reaches 100 points first. The quick game mode is more or like a knockout mode. It is very straight forward as the person who knocks with less deadwood wins the game. In the Oklahoma Gin game mode you have two entry options and you can choose either enter with1500 chips to win 2250 chips or enter with 2000 chips to win 3000 chips. The other three modes have different slight variation in relation to how the player might want to play with different types of cards.  Though the game is quite fun especially when recording a win, one should remain attentive in order to stay ahead of the game.


Compatible Devices for Grand Gin Rummy game

This game has taken great consideration in adopting high quality display with a classic appearance. Thus the player will be required to use a high performing device in order to get the best output. The suitable devices recommended include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. In relation to the operating system, iOS 7.0 or any latest version can work well for this app.

Here are the distinct features that the user will discover from the classic Grand Gin Rummy game:

Amazing bonus to be gained

The player has a great opportunity of earning amazing daily bonus which comes in form of free chips. This is a good indication that can make one to compete effectively in the community with other players .

A chance to play offline and online

Apparently, this great game has been designed in a manner that the player can enjoy playing it conveniently when it is offline anywhere, anytime. Meanwhile, some upgraded functions will require the user to connect to internet. This includes the apps-in purchase.

Try out different available modes

The Grand Gin Rummy game introduces four different modes to the player. The practice mode introduces the player into the game by teaching the basic techniques involving the cards game. Other modes include the Oklahoma, Classic and Quick gin where the user is required to apply speed and skills especially when it comes to picking cards.

Invite friends through social media

The player gets an incredible opportunity of inviting different friends after login with social site like Facebook.

Well-presented 5-star atmosphere

To make the surrounding gaming environment quite relaxing and captivating, this great game has incorporated the 1920s Grand Gin Rummy Hotel which appears really lively. The player can engage in gameplay with real people and exhibit great performance in relation to skills contained.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Grand Gin Rummy game that one will come across:


· Really captivating with a fun-filled experience

· Comes with great bonuses in form of free chips worth taking

· Offers a relaxing atmosphere that is beautifully designed

· Absolutely convenient; played both online and offline

· A chance to invite friends and share experiences


· Time expiration for picking cards is really small


Grand Gin Rummy game has clearly proven to be an incredible game that is worth downloading for play. With a great rating (4+), this amazing game has displayed exceptional features which include offline and online gameplay, high quality design, multiple modes and an engaging community. Besides user can get it for free at App Store where some additional items for upgrade can be obtained at a range of $0.99 to $79.99. Don’t miss out. Get it today!