Box Island is an app game designed and made to encourage children to love and learn the basics of computer science which is coding. Coding which is at the very core of computer science is the analysis, development, understanding and generating of algorithms and implementation of the algorithms in the target programming language needed for implementation of the program. In its simplest understanding, the mission of computer programming is to create sequence of actions that will automate the implementation of a certain task. Computer programming is pretty much everywhere you might not just notice or even try to understand the nitty-gritty behind the commands of the programs you are using.

This is what Box Island is all about. It helps children at a very young age understand and appreciate the fundamentals of coding or computer programming as they are much needed nowadays. Children get to play the basics computer coding through getting through and finishing off each level starting from the basic progressing to more complicated stages. The children has to carry out basic of coding game instructions like performing simple pattern recognition, sequencing, loops, and conditionals. The fundamentals of coding being introduced to children in this game are algorithmic thinking, debugging, loops, and many more. It has a very riveting storyline all through the journey of the characters in the game. This made the Box Island more exciting and compelling to play amongst children. The game never run out of exciting twists in the story and just build up the excitement in every stage. It is perfectly designed to help the children becomes focus on their mission and in finishing the game which is greatly required in computer programming once they get older. By being focused and determined at finishing the game they have better edge to other children of their age.


The makers of this app hoping that children may recognize the importance of this educational game for them as they take on more advance classes in computer programming. This game app is not only educational in its very essence but also promotes gender neutrality in its characters. The colors and the design of the app does not show any favors on either gender and this inspires the idea that anyone can be great at computer programming. It gives kids a sort of equal playing ground wherein none of them is higher than the other as long as how fast they perform the missions in the game. The friendly game characteristics made the game more fun and enjoyable for all children.

The children can play the game for free just up to ten levels. Just enough free levels to let the parents convince unto buying the whole app or their children to play on. This game hopes to encourage more children to love computer coding as they learn the fundamentals at a young age. Teachers may also apply or make use of this game to introduce computer programming in class as this subject is part of the foundation subjects in the curriculum. This will help the teachers make the students understand more about coding in a very fun way.