Do you like an occasional challenge? If yes, you must try out the latest iOS app ‘Happy Wheels’. The aim of the game is to be able to ride on a certain route on special kinds of wheels and reach the destination without being killed. The wheels include a Segway, a wheel chair and the like. Each time you crash and fall, there are gory sights and the sound of crushing bones to warn you. You just need to get safely to the destination.

To get started, you start off with a Segway. There are two buttons for navigation at the right bottom of the screen to allow you to navigate to your left and right. While in the air, you can even rotate using those buttons. There is another button that allows you to jump over obstacles of all kinds. A number of elements add to the fun and adventure of the game. These include switches, objects falling from the sky, moving platforms and more. These add to the difficulty level of the game, making it more exciting and addictive to play.

The app is fast paced, giving you full control of navigations and the gameplay. The side scrolling controls add a really nice touch indeed. There are 15 unique levels, each posing a challenge more difficult than the previous one. If you wish to continue playing, you can also create your own levels for any added challenges. Once you create a level, you can share it with your friends and invite them to try it out. Those without an invite cannot try out your custom levels though.

In addition to the superb gameplay, the app developers have created a polished layout with excellent graphics. Finding your way around the app is very easy, owing to the sleek and neat layout. The graphics are detailed out very well to give a realistic feel. At the same time, this excess detail turns out to be a bit too brutal and gory for some players. The player losing his legs and the splashing blood turns off some people and scares the away from the game.

This game is quite entertaining and fares better than most games in its niche. The trick is to get the right timing and speed both while traversing the levels. If you get this right and can anticipate the obstacles or deal with them, then it won’t be long before you start climbing up levels. There are dangers at every turning, a few of which can crush your player completely to death.


Happy Wheels can be downloaded from the App Store for free. All you need is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone with iOS 6.0 or higher and 21.4 MB of memory space on it. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5. This game is for those looking for some challenge and entertainment. However, if you cannot stand the sight of blood, this one is just not for you. The graphics, gameplay and control all make this game worth it.

Good: Detailed graphics

Bad: none