What is great about the Innovation Age of Crafting iOS App is very clear. It is an absorbing and very fun puzzle game that will always keep one’s interest. This is because it is truly a puzzle game of innovative fun that constantly changes all the time. The playing of Innovation is what proves to be really awesome. Because the game is played on a grid that has many obstacles all around. Items must be dragged about in the game to discover lots of new combinations. Innovation is very innovative from a total exciting and engaging puzzle aspect.

What is also great about Innovation is the winds of change are always blowing here. This means that there is Living History present and one can encounter game combinations that are one a kind. These constantly new and different combinations can present some of the most exciting of all ages that were in history. The combinations will reveal objects, inventions, and technologies that are associated with each period in history.

Innovation – Age of Crafting is an iOS App that is created by Pollop Studios. This fantabulous puzzle game makes living history live virtually and that is the fun of the entire puzzle. You get all sorts of odd combinations that keep your attention and keep you playing on. It is indeed every inch a puzzle game that will never cease to puzzle one in a very good way. Because the best kind of fun is defined as bringing a real challenge and lots of fun along with it. Innovation can do this and then some.


Innovation has it all. It has touch control that has been optimized and lots of new icons as well. It is everything that an outstanding puzzle game of challenge should be about. What is also great about Innovation is what you can learn from it, in addition to, having a wonderful game to play too.

Innovation Rating Overall:

(i) Concept: The concept for this game is simplistic, but also, every inch one that is new and different. It is also a very challenging and fun type of puzzle that many will want to play. It doesn’t matter the age of the player.

(ii) Visuals: The visuals are true to life, colorful, and engaging in their own way. This game has a realistic edge without being overly done. The visuals only add to this fact in a big way.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is one that is very basic, self-explanatory, and friendly in every way. Gamers will find it very easy to be part of this game, and also, to interact with it as well.

(iv) User Experience: The user experience for this game is one, that will be, very warm and individual in delivery. Because this just is that kind of game. It draws the player into it and makes them a part of it.