When dealing with personal or intimate questions, it becomes difficult to ask anyone about it. Be it a friend or a relative popping a question related to sex or intimate life is rather disturbing. Talking about personal questions, one of the biggest queries include sexual health and sex. Every time asking a friend for a solution is also not possible. This is the time when Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend steps in and comes to the rescue. It offers solutions to all queries related to sexual hygiene, health and more.

Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend is a one touch wonder for all users dealing with sex-related queries. In fact, getting an app that clears all your doubts related to health and wellness is a difficult thing. This app offers answers to all questions and dilemmas related to your sexual health, hygiene, myths, taboos and more. Visiting a gynecologist every time to know about sex-related queries aren’t possible and this is where this app helps you. It allows you to get all your doubts cleared in less than 15 seconds.


The practical features

· Includes over 1000 questions and answers- It deals with questions and answers related to sex, taboos, myths, wellness, nutrition and more.

· Offers health news daily- Delivers health-related news to all the users based on their gender and age. However, it even supports the LGBT community that is clearly visible from the gender category.

· Your 24×7 friend- This is a free to download app that doesn’t work through the internet. You can use it anytime and anywhere to get a solution to your queries. It is like having a friend for life. After downloading it, it doesn’t need internet support to work.

· Provides original and authentic materials- The material or the information you get on the app is 100 percent authentic. All the information is a result of thorough researches conducted by the NHS, CDC, the Amercian Medical Association, etc.

· It’s like a personal guide- The app is similar to having a doctor by your side all the time.it includes a feature such as symptom checker that detects any disease in the early stage.


The pros

· Suitable for teens- The app is suitable for teenagers since it provides true information. There are no chances of falling prey to misinformation during this age.

· Parents’ partner- This app acts like a partner to the parents. Since it is difficult for parents to discuss sexual health with children, the app makes it easier. Wiki1001 helps parents reduce the worry and embarrassment of dealing with sexual questions.

· Maintains privacy- The app maintains privacy and confidentiality of the users. None of the questions or queries remains saved in the app by the developers or the users.

The cons

One of the widely used and popular app among the teens, but one of the biggest downsides of the app is the issue related to hanging in between surfing. Many users have complained of the app stopping midway resulting in problems. However, the later updates have worked to resolve this issue.


The Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend remains true to its name. It deals with your health issues and queries and offers you a perfect solution every time. Be it minor sex-related query or some serious health question, it offers the right solution. Whether it’s a teenager or a parent, anyone can use it to get their doubts and dilemma cleared.