Running a business is always full of risks. A slight mistake and all your investments are drained into a dark room with nothing to return back. You must be cautious at each and every action you take. But before examining the consequences, you must know what’s running backstage. If you’re the CEO of a company and you don’t know the manpower of your plant, how can you expect to cut-short the losses of idle machines and increase production? Similarly, if you’re running an online business or website, there are some Key Performance Indicators that actually help you understand the health of your company at a particular point of time. They change more rapidly than Billboard’s Hot 100 and you must keep a strong eye on them to avoid any problems. But you can’t wait for your assistant to call you each time, can you? I think we have something more reliable for you!

KPI Alerts Professional is the latest iOS app that has been developed by BIZ ON. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

What KPI Alerts Professional does is read data from your emails and presents it in a form that is easily readable, understandable and makes sense. You get a lot of emails every day. Filtering out the important ones and then interpreting the data each time is very tiring, confusing and an effort-for-nothing. So all you need to do is just choose or create a new template of email that your company employs and the app starts collecting data.

Each KPI that’s being tracked is represented by a title such as Online Sales or Web views to identify it. Now, the changes are reflected against each such title in numbers as well as percentage. The percentage metre takes different colours based upon the respective change. So gain is represented by Green, loss takes red and if changes are not considerable, you’ll find it yellow. Apart from these numbers, there is a graph at the bottom for each KPI showing its history over time. So even if a KPI is above par, if the graph shows it to be continuously decreasing over recent time, you must be taking some action soon. And yes, if the value goes beyond the critical, you’ll be notified instantly.


The usability of KPI makes it a Gem in every hand. Even if you’re new to analytics and not good at understanding the terms and technicalities, you’ll find this app like a familiar book which you’ve already studies twice. From adding a new KPI to interpreting the data, it’s easier than spending that cash you’ll be saving with it. If you were using Google Analytics before, then you can import your data. So there are no migration issues as well. What’s even great is that this app comes for free! So you’ll be getting returns without any investment. Isn’t that great!

Pros: simple-to-use interface; track KPIs real-time; easy to read dashboard; free.

Cons: none.