LESS THAN 8 is far more than just another average number game puzzle. If anything, it is the defining number game puzzle (iOS app), which you will fall in love with playing from the onset. It will take less than 8 minutes to become fully addicted to very fun and interactive gameplay with this awesome iOS app that was designed with totally fun in mind.

Do you have very quick thinking? What about tapping skills? If you have both, or even if you don’t have them, you will learn to develop them just by playing along faithfully with Less Than 8. Because Less Than 8 will do all it can, to win you over, and will give you all the practice you need indeed to learn how to play it better as you go along. It is every step of the way, totally fun, involved, and very game user friendly from the get go. It also has a very likeable quality about it. These are all game playing essentials. These game playing essentials will take this number game puzzle (iOS app) to places you have never been before with a number puzzle. Therefore, do count on having lots of real excitement, in addition to utter delight when you play with it.


The object of the game with Less Than 8 is to apply your quick thinking skills, along with your fast tapping ability, to make for the completion of the puzzle that must take place in under 8 seconds. Though you may not get much time to do this puzzle, you will definitely love trying, and this love of trying will only keep you coming back for more and more puzzle play that is fast and fun furious in delivery. There are number puzzles and other number puzzles out there. This number one number puzzle game (iOS app) will give you all you need from a total puzzle plus aspect that is challenging, outstanding, and will keep you interested at all times. Less Than 8 is definitely great!