Are you looking for the best streaming platform to help you save money and cut the cord with cable, but can’t part with news channels, live sports, and seasonal shows. Then you should go for live TV streaming apps where you can watch anything you want just like the TV. The difference is that you can carry it anywhere you want and watch the stuff that you missed. Live streaming is basically an on-demand streaming with its all-digital functionality and ease of use across multiple devices. However, it resembles cable TV offering local news channels, sports, current shows and other entertainment channels.

So today, I will introduce you to an amazing app which streams Live TV channels. It’s popularly known as Pick TV, developed by ATM Infonet Technologies, Inc. For those, who don’t get enough time to watch time or miss their favorite shows, it’s the perfect app for you! Moreover, if you like watching News related to business, sports or current affairs while working in your office, you can enjoy this online TV at your workplace. 

Pick TV is the portal to watch live TV channels

broadcasting on the Internet. It provides a collection of TV channels under different categories such as Entertainment, News, Sports, Educational, Business, Shopping, religion and general TV. These channels come from all around the world in over 28 languages.

The most unique thing about this app is that you can enjoy your TV while you travel for work or fun. You can pause watching TV on your phone or Tablet and resume watching it on your tablet or phone later. You can get instant access to all the TV programmes easily. You can pause and play live TV programmes from the point you left off.

The app is very easy to use. All you need is a good Internet connection and start picking the channel of your choice and watch. It allows two different ways to watch, either in a list or thumbnail view, you can select your favorite channels for quick access. With Pick TV, I never miss any episode because it gives me access to the entire week’s schedule. Now I can pause and play live TV programmes, thanks to this amazing app for making life so easy. You can also rewind the video and watch the content that you missed.

Overall, the app is just simple but really very cool. You can set reminders and watch your favorite show at any time. The video quality is very clear and excellent. The app is very helpful for those who are addicted to TV. Ira a time as well as money saving app. So carry your TV with you, and watch anywhere at anytime. Download this amazing app right now and enjoy your favorite TV channels. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Pros: Live TV; more than 28 languages; very helpful; user-friendly; flexible; free of cost; easy to use;

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App