Businesses nowadays mostly run through the internet. The blogging community also plays a great role in helping an entrepreneur start his/her business. Through this many business people get deep insights into how they can take their business smoothly and to success. ‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ is a mobile application that is a wonderful tool for the entrepreneur in you.

Developed by:

‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ was developed and run by the Deshpee Group for free on the internet with zero advertisements.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ mobile app on your smart phone or other similar devices. Now open the app and go through hundreds of business blogs that gives you tips and insights into the business world. Even if you are trying to start a business and have no idea how to take it further or are facing problems in your business, this app is the right one for you. This app lists hundreds of blogs as well as videos that prove useful for any entrepreneur. You can also share your own content and ideas in the form of blogs with this application. This app is an attempt to portray how the Titans of the business world are shaping the society. It is also a collection of motivational and educational blogs that helps you in starting and managing your business successfully.

Features of the app:

The ‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ app has many features of which some are listed here.

  • Useful and educational insight into business problems and solutions
  • Provides a single stream of content directly from Desphee’s business blogs
  • Share your own motivational content and blogs with the app
  • Zero advertisement and completely free for users

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